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Old Vintage Charm


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I’m 38 years old. I grew up on vintage silverware, bowls, cups and saucer sets, mixing bowls, vintage butter bowls, vintage dishes, etc. It’s kind of funny when I reflect on my childhood days that all these items I had taken for granted would be considered “vintage” one day. The “Old Vintage Charm.”


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Vintage dishes, especially plates which are the most popular vintage items today were created in the old world of China. Only those of royalty could afford to buy and eat upon the porcelain plates which are called “china” because of the country location where they derived from. The word porcelain is derived from the word “porcella.” The designs encasing chinaware were of pagodas, dragons, storks, peonies, lotus flowers, and chrysanthemums. These designs are still popular today (Collecting Antique and Vintage Plates and Dishware, Dolores Monet, 2016).


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Vintage clothing seems to most as merely old used clothing. That’s simply not the case at all. The character of vintage clothing is that it is sentimental and whimsy. The quality of an article of vintage clothing is its durability. Vintage clothing was always created to last. Nowadays, clothing is cheaper and constructed by a cheaper process. If you’re not wearing upscale designer fashions of today which in par can most definitely compete with the vintage clothing of yesterday, then you’re not experiencing the luxurious feeling you get by wearing vintage. Modern day cheap fashions do not have the durability qualities of the “old vintage charm” clothing which oftentimes have a lot of attached memories of the past to it (Five Reasons Vintage Clothing Is Not Just “Old Used Clothes,” Rebecca Emily Darling, 2015).

Lastly, “old vintage charm” dishes and clothing carry more than a price tag. There are sentimental values attached to them. We shop and find some things that are durable, creations of today’s era, but the quality is still not of the highest standards of the “vintage” made centuries ago. You gotta love vintage for its worth. The history behind “vintage creations” is what makes these items so popular with consumers. Vintage will be the way in the years to come.

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Etsy Favors: Bohemian Earrings


JabberDuck is a family owned start up company on Etsy. There main focus is on useful innovative ways to create art and unique jewelry gifts. Handmade items. Items include key chains, money clips, necklaces, bracelets, bohemian earrings, pearl bracelets,  pens, silverware, hair sticks, and more.

(Item shown in picture not available for sale)

Twitter name: @JabberEtsy

5 Star Rating

Visit the Etsy shop today at:

Happy Shopping!

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