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Colorful Wedding Dresses


We talked about simple wedding dresses for a blushing bride on her wedding day earlier this week. Today, we are going to focus on colorful wedding dresses that are still functional for an ideal wedding day and the reception. Let’s take a look at some of the colorful dresses.

The Bold Look


This is a non-white wedding dress that is for the bride who dares to be different. However its boldness, it still stands out like the traditional white wedding dress. This dress is fun with its two-tone dimensions. Do you dare to wear it?

The Blue Ballroom Cinderella Dress


This is a high fashion blue wedding dress with matching gloves that is perfect for a fairytale wedding. What a dream come true to get married in something such as this invigorating number. The crowd wouldn’t take their eyes off of you in this one. Bringing the classic blue back from the past.

A Disney Princess Wedding Dress


With a traditional look, this wedding dress delivers for the young bride. To have a picture perfect wedding dress that is straight out of a fairytale book, a bride has to forget about the traditional rule for wedding dresses. This dress is perfect if you want something such as a Disney inspired wedding dress for your walk down the aisle.

The Frumpy Wedding Dress


Lastly, we have what I call the frumpy wedding dress. It’s baggy and loose fitting for those brides who wants to make a big statement on their wedding day. With a hint of green and yellow, this colorful dress will never fail. What you must remember about your wedding day and the color of your dress is that it must depict who you are and what you want out of your day. These are my selection of colorful wedding dresses of 2016.

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Memoir Of A Queen


Journey me,
Journey me,
A woman in distress,
Troubling waters have me such a mess.

I’m beaten down,
I’m torn up,
Pressures of life,
Sorrows of the past and present,
Makes me narrow minded, afraid, don’t know who to trust.

My weaknesses have gotten the best of me, this queen,
My crown on the ground,
A queen with no inspiration,
A queen that has had her dreams and ambitions cut down,

There is something brewing within,
This avid queen starts to listen to her heart,
Her imagination runs wild in a better place.
She can hear a pin drop,
With her mind at ease,
The future becomes brighter,
Nite falls within,
And then the morning comes,
She sees the sun rise and the shadows of people with helpful faces.

What a unique queen she is,
Service oriented,
Empathetic to humanity,
Her vision forms within what use to be a narrow mind,
O how things change in time.

She laid down as a princess,
But rises up as a queen,
Magnificent in wonder,
It’s hard to imagine the weight she had upon her didn’t make her lose her thunder.
She places her crown upon her head,
A queen rises up,
Memoir of her destiny belongs only to the pages of her diary,
A sacred place within a book,
If you lay down as a princess,
Rise up as a queen,
Still waters run deep,
Claim your place at the spring,
This is my memoir of a queen.
Now it’s time to right yours.

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Victoria’s Secret Does It Best


Victoria’s Secret is the largest lingerie company in the United States. Start up for this company wasn’t easy. Over the decades, the company has had to deal with restructuring and quality control issues. It is most popular with its customers for lingerie apparel and beauty products. The success of each of these product lines have made the company what it is today. Victoria’s Secret products can be found on ebay and on the company website.

Buying Victoria’s Secret Products

Victoria’s Secret started out with one product line (lingerie) in its beginning days. The lingerie line caters to women who are petite and average size. To add, the addition of the beauty line came later. Good things started to really happen for the company after the beauty line was added. Its competitor in regards to the beauty line is Bath And Body Works. However, its lingerie competitor is Frederick’s Of Hollywood. Its beauty product line includes: lotions, perfumes, mists, body care, and lipstick. Its lingerie line includes ( bras, panties, and swim wear). You can find all of its products on both ebay and Victoria’

Victoria’s Secret On ebay

Lingerie and beauty products varies in prices on ebay.

Sale Prices For Bras

Lace Bra: $9.00 (36DD)
Lined Demi Bra: $25.49 (34DD)
Push Up Bra: $19.99 (34B)
Unlined Demi Bra: $7.00 (36D)

Sale Prices For Panties

V-String Thong Panty: $7.49 ( M)
Vintage Panty: $19.99 (X-Large)
Bikini: $7.50 (M)
Pink Panty (Lot) $99.95; 24 panties
Hiphugger Panty:$5.99 (varies)
Hipster Panty (Lot) $27.00 : M; 26 panties
Scrunch Panty: $8.50 (L)
Hustler Panty (Lot): $9.99 ; 4 panties; size regular


Strawberry Frizz Body Double: $20.50 ( 8.4 oz)
Victoria’s Secret Beauty 3-piece Set (lotion, mist, and lip gloss): $22.00 ; 2.5oz body mist


Beauty Rush Love Addict: $4.25 (6.7 fl oz)
Mango Temptation (Lot): $9.95 (8.4fl oz)
Victoria’s Secret Lot Of Body Spray And Lotion ( size varies) $8.00
Lotion And Mist Set $3.25; lotion: 12 oz; mist: 5oz
Beauty Rush Berry Cosmo Body Drink: $14.99 (6.7 fl oz)

Prices for each of these product lines are at reasonable prices on ebay. Sellers offer all buyers various ways to purchase their products. Customer service is the number one factor in receiving good customer reviews.

Prices for each of the product lines varies on the company website. Prices exists for each segment of the target market. This makes the company website the leader in sales of its products which is very important to have for keeping the brand strong.

In this decade, Victoria’s Secret lingerie and beauty line is a leader in merchandise being sold to women. It has protected its brand through some of the worse times.The company takes quality control seriously today. Victoria’s Secret remains the leader in this decade of beauty and lingerie products.

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