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“Natural Hair Beauties: Curly Hair Escapades”


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Good morning, everyone. Its “Natural Hair Beauties” Sunday. We begin the day discussing natural curly hair. I know firsthand how thirsty natural curly hair can get if it doesn’t get the proper nourishment. My youngest daughter has natural curly hair. And I found myself having to set her hair everyday to maintain it. I used things like olive oil, carrot oil, tea tree oil, and lots of conditioner to keep it hydrated. My go to styles for her hair were twists and braids. What a deep curl pattern these two styles give natural curly hair. And they’re also “protective styles.” The daily routine to maintain natural curly hair can only be described as natural “escapades”. I say that because you’re always on a hair journey when you’re maintaining natural hair. The journey never seizes. But it doesn’t have a challenging one if you utilize a daily regimen. Happy Reading!

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For The Champs: NBA Sports Cakes


From little champs to adult champs, NBA sports cakes are loved and enjoyed by many. With Father’s Day behind us, The NBA Championship Game, kids out of school for the summer, and the end of June birthdays approaching, sports cakes are ideal for these celebrations. What is my favorite team lineup? Here is my personal list of sports cakes for 2016:


Of course, 2016 NBA Champions, The Cleveland Cavaliers cake. Perfect for the championship celebration going on right now in the U. S. Not just a cake for boys and men either. Girls and women can support their favorite team with this beautiful cake. Keep the team spirit going, you guys.


Next up is the Cleveland Cavaliers opponent in the 2016 NBA Finals, The Golden State Warriors. Although the team may have suffered a loss this year, they are still a good NBA team. Team spirit is what you have here. Look at the beautiful colors. This cake is brought to you by: It’s A Sweet Thing Desserts


The 4 team cake featuring the infamous Chicago Bulls is ideal for the occasion when you have more than 1 favorite team. Little champs would love this sports cake. The height of the cake makes the difference. More is better.


Then there is the “Spalding” cake. An NBA legacy. It’s all about finessing the basketball.This sports cake is sure to jolt the taste buds. Love…love…love!


Are you a Raptors or Spurs fan? This cake is perfect for you. Shaped like a “top hat, ” this sports cake is rich in color, my favorite color.Go Red!


Last but not least, drum roll please…The Michael Jordan sports cake. During his professional career in basketball, Michael Jordan took the National Basketball Association (NBA) to new heights. He removed barriers in basketball. I’m his biggest fan. Here’s to you, Michael Jordan.

One cannot argue that this is the season for sports cakes.Although your favorite teams lineup may be different than mine, sports cakes allow us to satisfy our taste buds while supporting our favorite teams. This marks the end. Go Champs! Don’t forget the ice cream. We all scream ice cream.

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Etsy Baby: Toddler Crochet Hat


TwoSeasideBabes- is a single mom, Etsy seller, army vet, homeschooler, and owner/artisan of TwoSeasideBabes. The shop stores its kid crochet hats in bulk. The categories and sub-categories  are: newborn, baby girl, baby boy, toddler boy, kids, girls, boys, and women. Other products include: headbands, scarves, and hair clips.

(item shown in picture not available for sale)

Etsy seller name: TwoSeasideBabes

Twitter name: @TwoSeasideBabes

5 Star Rating

Visit the store today at:

Happy Shopping!

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